Why do I get a warning message when I try to publish my hub?

  1. goddess888 profile image75
    goddess888posted 6 years ago

    Why do I get a warning message when I try to publish my hub?

    I get this message:

    Sorry, because of rule violations associated with your account or ip address, permission to publish new hubs has been revoked. You can still edit your existing hubs and save your changes to this hub by clicking the done editing button. Your right to publish may automatically be restored through time and adherence to the HubPages rules. Fixing or deleting existing flagged hubs may also help.

  2. SuccessfromHome profile image71
    SuccessfromHomeposted 6 years ago

    It seems pretty self-explanatory to me so I would go step-by-step. FIRST don't attempt to publish new Hubs!!!!! f you write a hub only save it unpublished(the longer it takes for you to publish a saved hub, the higher the score n case you didn't know!) SECOND edit your existing hubs, add more content, make them longer, add pictures if you don't have any. THIRD fix or delete flagged hubs. You can see which hubs have been flagged by going to your account, it should already be on Hubs. If it isn't then click Hubs on the upper left and you will see the hubs you need to edit, or delete. Good Luck!!!!