Is your Adsense application approved?

  1. moqtharali1 profile image59
    moqtharali1posted 6 years ago

    Is your Adsense application approved?

    thank u yoctomalik for your answer.i see that you too are new to hub pages, I am just curious to know has your application got approved?

  2. yoctomalik profile image58
    yoctomalikposted 6 years ago

    Yes i am new to hubpages but i am a webmaster running two websites and since two years. I got my adsense application approved for my first website after two unsuccessful attempts. The point is that for a general website, Google Adsense team reviews you daily visitors and page views and also your site content. You need to have good quality content and at least 20 visitors per day for it to be approved. The number may vary because it is my concept and you may get it approved with no visitor, but at least build some good quality hubs and then apply.

    All The Best with Adsense.

    If you need any more help apart from adsense i.e. other advertising networks or affiliate programs, you may also ask.

  3. Traffic Creator profile image58
    Traffic Creatorposted 6 years ago

    Yes, my adsense application got approved after refusing 5 times.