Is really a 100% adsense revenue sharing website? I've heard t

  1. stuff4you profile image65
    stuff4youposted 6 years ago

    Is really a 100% adsense revenue sharing website? I've heard that its not.

    While I'm talking about Google Adsense revenue sharing, does it sound kind of sad that actually charges you to be able to use the website? Not much, but still...
    ( it charges $5 / month or $12/ year .)

    Best-Reviewer is an ugly looking website with too many ads on it... I really like the concept of it though, creating a top 10 list anytime.. but then again you could just do that on your own blog where you have control over all of the design...

  2. steve8miller profile image83
    steve8millerposted 6 years ago

    Best Reviewer is a great AdSense Revenue Sharing website! I use it to power backlink my hubs and websites. Yes it is 100 % AdSense sharing website.

    If some one referred you to them though then you do not get all of the AdSense Ad space on the page. So if there are 4 ads on the page, you will split them with the person who referred you to Best Reviewer. Also if your not a paying member I do believe you do not get all of the ad space.

    In the end it does not matter because your ads are at the top in the best place for getting AdSense clicks. I personally love the website and it does make me some money with Google AdSense. As Best Reviewer is one of those rare websites that give you 100% of the revenue. However you do not get all of the impression income. That is little income anyway, we would all rather just get 100 percent off the click, which is how Best Reviewer works. SheToldMe is run by the same person as well, and is another good website for social bookmarking / backlinking. For more tips you should check out some of my hubs on the topic. Hope this answers your question.