Why can't people just give a straight answer?

  1. rtburroughs2 profile image81
    rtburroughs2posted 5 years ago

    Why can't people just give a straight answer?

    I have had a few post where people just attack how long I have been on hubpages. Why can't people just answer the question without being negative?

  2. Aunt Jimi profile image61
    Aunt Jimiposted 5 years ago

    I looked at every single one of your hubs.  You in fact have only ONE hub where someone left a negative comment and that hub dealt with hunger.  You need to realize that even the suggestion of helping unfortunate people angers Conservatives so much that they are practically blind until the anger passes -- it's very slow to pass for most of them.

    American Romance made the ugly remark.  I know AR as do most other hubbers here and he has this tremendous headache.  It's caused by the fact that his brain is very tiny and it rattles around in his head like a BB pellet in an empty beer can.  You should have compassion for him like you would any dumb animal, but do not underestimate him.  Never turn your back on him.  It's true that he has no compassion for any other living thing, but again, one must consider who he is and take pity.

    There are other hubbers here like him.  Don't be suprised if one or more of them attack you.  It happens to everyone sometimes.  They like to intimidate and bully anyone they can.  AR is what some people would call a shill.  He tries to discourage people.  Don't let him discourage you.

    I have read your hubs and they are great!!  Excellent information and well written.  Be patient with yourself.  Keep writing.  Do not give up until you have written at least 100 hubs -- by then you will see how much people are going to love your hubs and you won't even entertain the idea of giving up or letting some pinhead like AR get to you.

    Delete AR if he dares to write another comment on your hub that includes nothing at all relevant to the subject or to the hub.  Pat yourself on the back for your great work, write another hub because I'm looking forward to reading it, and I intend to share with my followers.

  3. giocatore profile image85
    giocatoreposted 5 years ago

    I have never received a comment that I didn't approve, but I might make an exception for the one that Aunt Jimi mentioned.