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How do hubbers with hundreds of followers find the time to respond to all the co

  1. poowool5 profile image81
    poowool5posted 5 years ago

    How do hubbers with hundreds of followers find the time to respond to all the comments?!

    New hubber here, with 27 followers, and I am already struggling to find the time to respond to comments, and keep up with all the hub threads I'm following and still reach out to read more hubs, answer more questions, hop hubs, learn about hubbing and actually write hubs! Help! I need another 5 hours in the day! How do you do it??

  2. somethgblue profile image88
    somethgblueposted 5 years ago

    Well I haven't reached that plateau . . . yet and have only 120 some followers for 68 Hub articles but over 1,300 comments have been made and I have responded to them all except the handful that I deemed unworthy and deleted.

    So that being said it is fairly easy as that averages out to only twenty per article, personally I wish I had that problem, but alas I have only been doing this for six months.

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    PWalker281posted 5 years ago

    Since you're a new hubber, perhaps what you need to do is narrow your focus and not try to do so many things at once. Identify, say, 3 important tasks (e.g., becoming familiar with the site, writing hubs) that you can accomplish and save the rest (e.g., hub hopping, following hub threads that aren't directly related to what you're writing) for when you have some spare time. Then, as you get more comfortable, know the ropes better, and have built up a nice portfolio of hubs, you can start adding some of those other things that are nice to do but not critical.

    As for keeping up with comments, I have over 300 followers, but not all of them read every hub I publish (and I only publish intermittently), and of those who read my hubs, not all of them comment. So responding to comments is not that difficult, and I do make it a point to respond to all of the people who leave comments. For me, it's a common courtesy, and I want to let them know I appreciate them for reading my hubs.

    Hope this helps, and welcome to HubPages.

  4. shameerpa profile image60
    shameerpaposted 5 years ago

    You said that you have no time to answer......

    The only solution is to manage your time fist for hub pages

    The tell yourself that i have enough time to do all my regular duties

    practice this and see the result after two or three days

  5. poowool5 profile image81
    poowool5posted 5 years ago

    Thanks for your answers, hubbers!
    PWalker281, you have really good advice. ANd I am going to narrow down my areas of interest and just connect with hubbers in that same area. THis is a  great tip.
    I do, of course, respond to every comment. I'm on board with that hub etiquette wink

    I think you're right, shameerpa, I just need to prioritize and get into a routine for time spent on hubs, and then the rest of my life!
    And somethgblue, 120 followers is awesome! You must have struck a good balance already with time spent on hubbing.
    Of course, my problem too is that it's just FUN, and i would prefer to pootle around the hub website than go do the laundry wink

    Thanks for responding!