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Why do we get the option to make groups for our hubs, if they are going to be di

  1. momster profile image60
    momsterposted 5 years ago

    Why do we get the option to make groups for our hubs, if they are going to be different?

    If we put our hubs under our own group name, why are the hubs under different groups that were not put in by ourself? What is the point if they are going to be changed?

  2. genuineaid profile image67
    genuineaidposted 5 years ago

    Maybe someone didn't think this through hmm

  3. Rosemay50 profile image79
    Rosemay50posted 5 years ago

    I too wondered about this a while ago. Your profile page shows your hubs under the catagories that you placed them in.
    The 'Groups' function is to show links to related hubs of yours just below the voting area. If you don't put a hub into a group it won't show links to any of your other hubs.
    Hope this helps

  4. nick071438 profile image57
    nick071438posted 5 years ago

    The option to group hubs is a privilege given us hubbers to make things easy and systematic.  It's a scientific system to render things harmoniously so as to avoid clutter.  Because of individual differences, we group our hubs according to our individual whims and capricies.  We may group them according to categories, such as sports, health and sanitation, crimes and punishment, etc.  Be reminded that we don't follow a format from hubpages.  Each of us has our own unique and peculiar way of grouping hubs.  So expect a yawning difference in the categorization and arrangement of hubs..

    After publishing a hub, fail not to visit your group section so as to place the new published hub in its proper group.  The new published hub remains in the "orphan" category until it is visited and properly categorized.

    There is a big difference in the way we group our hubs on "Group" from the way  our hubs are grouped in our "profile".  The latter is hubpages' version.

    When hubs are group, it systematizes navigation for users and hubbers,  Without need of signing out, we can go visit and read other hubs by merely clicking the link located at the hub's ending.