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Do you follow back?

  1. albatros333 profile image60
    albatros333posted 5 years ago

    Do you follow back?

    I do because I equate it to "you listened to what I had to say, so I'll hear you out."

  2. My Minds Eye53 profile image59
    My Minds Eye53posted 5 years ago

    If the person writes about things I am interested in yes - otherwise, what would be the point?

  3. Lisa HW profile image73
    Lisa HWposted 5 years ago

    People aren't "supposed to" automatically follow back anyone who follows them.  It's not what the "following thing" is supposed to be.

    If someone follows me I'll usually check out who they are and what they seem to write about.  If it looks like they write about stuff I'm interested I may follow them back.  If they write about stuff I'm not likely to read, then I don't follow them back.

    One thing can be, though, that after you've been on here for a few years you can start building up a lot of people that you're following.  Because of that, these days I really have to think the person "specializes" in the kind of stuff I'm interested in reading (as opposed to when I was following fewer people, when all I'd need to see is a Hub or two that interested me). Since it gets to where you can't read everything that everyone you follow writes anyway, who you choose to follow back and who you don't can kind of become (sorry to say this) "a willy-nilly" kind of thing that's related to time and circumstances.

  4. albatros333 profile image60
    albatros333posted 5 years ago

    @Me Minds Eye53,  I just assume that anyone who is taking the time to write and post something has something slightly interesting to say. =P

    @LIsa HW,  I can see how it can get a bit overwhelming when follow-back gets out of hand.

  5. kingkos profile image60
    kingkosposted 5 years ago

    if people follow me i know they love my work and maybe i follow them back