How can the number of views be beneficent to a hub?

  1. forall profile image62
    forallposted 5 years ago

    How can the number of views be beneficent to a hub?

    I recently joined trafficadbar. I think that people there pass their time clicking on ads, rather than reading the ads they clicked on to gain points. So what I can gain from there is my hubs being viewed without being read, thing that can easily be guessed throw the average time spent on hubs. So will the number of views help my hubs anyway? Any advice please?

  2. spartucusjones profile image93
    spartucusjonesposted 5 years ago

    If your main motivation of joining Hubpages is for Ad Revenue, I would be more concern about the exact Ad revenue than the views. You can check your earnings through your account page. You can also check the sources of your traffic through the stats pages of the individual hubs. For example, when you click on your own hub it is counted as a view. Obviously, viewing your own page a 1000 times isn't going to have any impact on Ad revenue and isn't going to be be an accurate traffic gauge. But the more unquie views your hubs get the more potential ad revenue.

    Also the more people that view your hub, the more people that are potentially reading your hub. If you are someone you is writing more for the love of writing than potential revenue, the fact that a lot of people are reading your hub could be a personal validation.

  3. drspaniel profile image89
    drspanielposted 5 years ago

    The number of views I think does have an impact on it's ranking within the Google search engines. However, whilst I cannot confirm that it has any real benefit to your Hubs solely, the more visitors you get the more likely one of them will click one of the ads. Therefore, it can be beneficial to your Hub to get as many views as possible to increase your chance of getting comments, feedback and ad clicks.