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The modern poet

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    dali48posted 8 years ago

    Ex iniuria ius non oritur. Aus Unrecht entsteht kein Recht. Und aus Zensur kein vertretbarer Staat! (Benjamin D. - 17.1.07 - Wikileaks) ... My Sister Life, published in 1922 immediately won Pasternak a place among the leading writers of the time. In ...the years before its publication, he worked hard as a translator, producing versions of plays by Kleist and Ben Johnson, poems by Hans Sachs, Goethe, Harwegh, and the German Expressionists ... Pasternak continued to write short poems at this time, but like many of his contemporaries, he felt a sense of tragedy. The peaceful order in which a poet could work with security and confidence had been replaced by a world of destruction and antagonism. Pasternak gradually came to believe that poets and artists had no assured place in society and could only live as outsiders! ... In the late 20th came a new wave of intolerance and terror (see 1929 etc. - w.) ... A clamp-down occured in all fields, including the literary world ... It was a time of crisis, as P. was well aware. Many writers and artists felt the temptation to commit suicide. P. believed that, for the poet, it was essential to overcome this temptation and the fear of the future, and to continue working when art and even spiritual existence were no longer secure, a theory P. expressed through the metaphor "2. birth" (see Tübingen 1974 - as a student etc. - w.)! ... (B. Pasternak - POETS.org) ...

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    Why is "ex iniuria ius non oritur" still valuable today? (niki)

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    Bumping your own thread is considered a forum etiquette faux pas.

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    We don't want to buy your book, but you really should write some hubs. If you signed up just to promote yourself, you're going to find an uneasy audience here.