How to Tell You're Getting 60% of Page Impressions--Easy Method

  1. Fiction Teller profile image61
    Fiction Tellerposted 8 years ago

    I've seen people wondering on the forums how to verify that HubPages really gives you 60% of page impressions and only takes 40% for HubPages.  There's an easy, non-technical, way to test it if:

    1) you track your statistics in Google AdSense
    2) you have a channel set up for, and
    3) all (or most of) your Hubs have AdSense

    ...without having to refresh your hubs a zillion times or put HubPages staff through a lie detector test.

    Around 11:55 p.m. U.S. Pacific Time, check your HubPages total impressions for the last 24 hours.  Then check your AdSense impressions for the current day.  The AdSense ones should add up to approximately 60% of the total.  (Approximately only, though.  One night it might be a little more, the next a little less.)  So if HubPages says you had 100 impressions in the last 24 hours, and AdSense says you have 60 (or more likely, 55-65) impressions for the day, then you have your proof.

    This works because HubPages reports impressions on a revolving 24-hour schedule, but AdSense reports stats starting at midnight (also Pacific Time).  At 11:55 p.m., the statistics are nearly synchronized.

    I checked it way back when I started and it added up for me.

    Note:  If you do it tonight, the day this is posted, then it won't be right, since HubPages stats are still catching up from the server problem earlier today.

  2. johnr54 profile image42
    johnr54posted 8 years ago

    Or you can just look at your Google Analytics.