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Any Problem in Statistics?

  1. jainismus profile image70
    jainismusposted 5 years ago

    Any Problem in Statistics?

    My Hubpages visits are frozen from last night, showing same number of visits for last 24 hours. Has anybody experiencing the same problem?

  2. Liberum profile image50
    Liberumposted 5 years ago

    Yes, same problem here. Earnings got updated but visits still are 0 for few articles. Probably some bug which gonna be fixed soon.

    1. jainismus profile image70
      jainismusposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you Cristian for the answer.

  3. Au fait profile image94
    Au faitposted 5 years ago

    I wrote to "team" yesterday and received an answer today saying they were having technical problems and that those problems were expected to be resolved in a couple of days.

  4. mydigital-mind profile image59
    mydigital-mindposted 5 years ago

    yup. me too  Hopefully will get fixed soon

  5. sm825 profile image60
    sm825posted 5 years ago

    I have not noticed anything related to views, since I only started posting hubs about 2 days ago. But hopefully I will be able to see if I have got any views yet sometime soon. Actually I did get some money in earnings, so I must have got some views at least, which is good.