What's a Slideshow view?

  1. ThompsonPen profile image80
    ThompsonPenposted 5 years ago

    What's a Slideshow view?

    I noticed when I was checking out my views that there's a new column or two entitled "Slideshow views". What is it?

  2. tussin profile image60
    tussinposted 5 years ago

    If you have a hub with 3 or more pictures, visitors can look at all th pictures in a slide show format by clicking on the button that appears whenyou hover over one of the photos. Thos count as "slideshow views" in your stats.

  3. Goody5 profile image79
    Goody5posted 5 years ago

    A slideshow view is where you look at all of the photographs on a hub. If this is all you do when you visit a hub then you miss out on reading all of the good content.