If your using Open Office to compose your hubs offline

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  1. sunforged profile image72
    sunforgedposted 9 years ago

    If your using Open Office to compose your hubs offline

    than I think you will find this little extension to be amazing

    http://extensions.services.openoffice.o … s#comments

    Writer's Tools is a set of utilities designed to help OpenOffice.org users perform a wide range of tasks. Using Writer's Tools, you can back up documents, look up and translate words and phrases, manage text snippets, and keep tabs on document statistics. Writer's Tools includes the following utilities:

        * Lookup Tool lets you look up the currently selected word in several online references, including Cambridge Dictionaries, WordNet, and Google Define.
        * Google Translate tool can help you to quickly translate selected text fragments between different languages using the Google Translate service.
        * Show on the Map tool allows you to select a city, a street name, or a post code and map it using Google Maps.
        * Email Backup tool can be used to quickly send a backup copy of the currently opened document to a specified email address.
        * Multi-format Backup tool saves the currently opened Writer document in the Word, RTF, and TXT formats. The backup files are stored in a zip archive with a date stamp.
        * Remote Backup allows you to quickly save a backup copy of the current document on an FTP server.
        * Amazon S3 Backup tool backs up the currently opened document to Amazon S3.
        * Start/Stop Timer tool can be used to keep tabs on the time spent on the currently opened document and save the time data (the document name, used time, and date) in the accompanying WriterDB database.
        * Quick Converter lets you perform conversion between the metric and imperial systems. The default conversion rules can be easily expanded.
        * Post to Microblog tool can be used to send messages to the Identi.ca and Twitter microblogging services.
        * Bookmarks tool allows you to bookmark often-used documents, so you can access them with a few mouse clicks.
        * Word of the Day tool picks and displays a random word and its definition from the accompanying WriterDB database. As a writer, you may often come across a new word or an interesting expression. The WriterDB database allows you to store your language findings in one place, while the Word of the Day tool helps you to keep them active in your memory.
        * Add to Noteboook tool is designed to quickly add text snippets, links, and notes to the supplied database.
        * Database tool opens the WriterDB database, where you can use the available forms to manage notes and tasks.
        * Visual Word Count tool shows the current word count and lets you monitor your writing progress.
        * Tasks tool is a no-frills to-do manager that allows you to quickly add, view, and export tasks.
        * miniInvoices is a customizable invoicing solution for writers. miniInvoices is built with OpenOffice.org Base and relies on the Sun Report Builder extension. The solution features support for multiple currencies and basic reporting capabilities. The latter allows the user to generate print-ready invoices and earning reports. miniInvoices is available as a separate download.


    ive only had it myself for an hour or so, but im very impressed

  2. pioneer_writer5 profile image57
    pioneer_writer5posted 9 years ago

    Thank you very much for the information.

  3. sunforged profile image72
    sunforgedposted 9 years ago

    just a heads up, its a free little extension, just like for firefox, word has them too, maybe you never knew the office products were customizable?

    you could even tweet from open office w/ this if you so desired

  4. Elijah S profile image59
    Elijah Sposted 9 years ago

    thank you, I especially like the back up function.


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