pasting amazon product, text HTML code to hubpages amazon capsule

  1. nick071438 profile image54
    nick071438posted 8 years ago

    I selected 4 different amazon products for display in my hubpages amazon capsule by pasting their HTML codes in the 4 spaces provided after clicking  "choose specific products.  Then I clicked  "preview amazon results" and produce a negative result:  "No amazon results follow".  Above the blank where I pasted the code, reads:  Amazon url or ASIN or ISBN and at the rightmost end of the blank, appears the words:  "tabindex="1" and below the blank reads:  "1 > add Description.  If I used instead the "amazon URL or the ASIN or ISBN, where will I get them?  Please help me now.

  2. mel22 profile image59
    mel22posted 8 years ago

    I just click on the one i want , look in the amazon product description for the ASIN number then copy (without ASIN added) then hit the back button and paste into the spot. repeat 4 times. I've also found that manually typing then never works either , I wonder why. Anyway just copy the number of the ASIN only (not with ASIN added). Not sure if that helps but hope it does

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    Janettaposted 8 years ago

    choose "specific products" just as you did before.
    keep a second browser open on Amazon and use it to find the products you want to feature. Many times, I will type a keyword into Amazon's searchbar (say Holiday movies, for instance) and when the list of matches comes up, I look through for the ones I want to include. When I find them, I right click on the title of the product and choose "copy shortcut" then paste into the box on the Amazon capsule in your hub. Or, you can click on the specific product and copy paste the adress from the toolbar on Amazon.

    Once you have pasted your products, just click save. Your capsule will come up with the products you selected, up to 10. Sometimes, for whatever reason a product will not show up. Just delete the one that messed up and leave it out or replace it.