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Can anyone question who is checking our Hubs for quality? This is a direct quote

  1. duffsmom profile image60
    duffsmomposted 4 years ago

    Can anyone question who is checking our Hubs for quality? This is a direct quote...

    from their Hub on the QAP process:  "HubPages employs some of the BRIGHTEST MINDS IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND MACHINE LEARNING (emphasis mine) to help develop and refine computer algorithms to reliably identify and rate the quality of content."

    Yes, I managed to get all my hubs featured again but I am still upset with this process.

  2. stanwshura profile image74
    stanwshuraposted 4 years ago

    Wow!  They're *all* featured?  Whudja do, hack into hp and get a hold of this algorithm?   And may I just say that NO formula or algorithm, no matter how sophisticated, compounded, or measuring any of the myriad variables within and among fresh and high quality writing, is capable of discerning style, voice or even word choice among we with a fairly to very decent vocabulary and range of syntax and grammatical flair!  I doubt that it could adequately compare Dick and Jane (a young readers' series of old) to Great Expectations, Catcher in the Rye or Hamlet!

    1. duffsmom profile image60
      duffsmomposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Agreed!  That is my point in all my posting on this subject.  Yes, we need quality writing here - but this QAP is not able to fairly determine quality.

  3. chef-de-jour profile image96
    chef-de-jourposted 4 years ago

    Yes, anyone can question who is checking each hub but I'm not sure they'd get a satisfactory answer or definitive response! Have you ever tried talking to an algorithm? 

    I can understand why HP are trying to up the standards on hub quality...there are still some, shall we say, dubiously constructed hubs around!

    If you're upset by the recent changes re featured hubs then you have the right to question and start a debate (in the forums) and, if you're still dissatisfied, down the line.......ultimately break free of online writing.

    It's a choice each writer has to make - especially if they earn a living from online writing - continue to produce high quality content in the knowledge that a machine is going to judge their efforts initially - and not to compromise quality to merely conform to SEO protocol.

    1. duffsmom profile image60
      duffsmomposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Umm...it was what we refer to as a "rhetorical question," but thank you for the explanation.

    2. To Start Again profile image79
      To Start Againposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      then you probably shouldn't have asked it in the questions section lol big_smile

  4. krillco profile image94
    krillcoposted 4 years ago

    While I'm happy for the increase of standard, I did have on Hub tossed for 'poor quality' that is a mystery to me, since it had always been featured and matches the quality of all my other work...I would also add that my score went from like 97 to 90 when the big change took place. Just like in school, the 'curve' giveth and taketh away.

    1. Faith Reaper profile image89
      Faith Reaperposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      The same thing happened to me.  I had one hub that has always been featured, then the change came, so I will have to add to it, I guess, for more words, but it really has all it needs, just as before?

  5. Faith Reaper profile image89
    Faith Reaperposted 4 years ago

    It would be great to know the answer to this question.  One of the greatest poets, E.E. Cummings wrote a poem: "you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars", so I am wondering is the "Brightest Minds" also in poetry too.  Poetry is allowed as a topic on HP.  All of my hubs have always been featured until the change, now one poem that has been featured ever since it was written and received a lot of views and comments as being really good, is not featured.  I really do not see how I can add to this poem, unless I add a story to go along with the poem.  I think if poetry will be unfeatured as poor quality, then why is it a topic one can write here on HP?  Thanks for the question, and I wish I knew the answer.

    1. dashingscorpio profile image87
      dashingscorpioposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Excellent point! I know of another writer who stated her recipe hub was no longer "quality". How can change a recipe to make it a featured hub? lol!
      What bothers people is having hubs rated substandard that have gotten lots of views & praise!

  6. Marie Flint profile image88
    Marie Flintposted 4 years ago

    Artificial intelligence will never be able to measure the depth of human emotion, and that is what makes the difference between a "featured" hub, and a really great hub.

    I happened to read a hub by the team at HubPages; frankly, I was not impressed. If these are the people judging my hubs, then, I'm sorry, we'll probably never see eye-to-eye.

    Most of my hubs are featured, but there may be more changes in the future. And, I really would rather be paid for the quality of my writing, rather than depend on a mass market that uses street language as the standard or how many clicks have sold a product that Google, Amazon, or EBay promotes.

    I'm not ready to quite HubPage just yet. I do find the creation of a hub an interesting challenge with all those options. And, I remember when I could convert my profile page; the result was very nice. So, possibly there may be additional forthcoming enhancements which may spark my interest and imagination. I tell myself to be patient. ***

  7. Abby Campbell profile image93
    Abby Campbellposted 4 years ago

    I am in the Apprenticeship program (6th and last month), and I have been following the standards of HP's "stellar hubs." I have had several positive comments, fan mail, and increased followers. I was finally able to achieve a "92" for my overall hub score on Friday. I was so ecstatic as I've been wavering between 88 and 91 for some time. However, I went from 92 to 87 in a matter of one day. I went to my Apprenticeship team mates' pages and found that two of them have higher hub scores than me and don't even write stellar hubs. Nor do they have comments on most of their hubs... no fan mail... little followers. I  even spend lots of time on Questions/Answers and have received several accolades. So, how can they have a higher hub score than me? It flabbergasted me so much that I wrote to my HP mentor. She wrote back and said that HP is still working on the HP scores and not to worry about it... that anything over 80-85 is considered good by HP... and to continue doing what I'm doing. So, I will continue doing what I'm doing for now, but it is still upsetting to see others receive higher hub scores when I know they don't deserve it as much as I do. Hopefully, we'll see changes in a positive light SOON.

  8. profile image0
    Sarra Garrettposted 4 years ago

    What I question is that if MTurk people are doing this for .05 a hub, to me this is scarey.  What are their qualifications?