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I first joined HP in 2009 and, after a year long hiatus, I came back in 2011. Things are a little different around here but the feel of the place is still the same.

I have been a writer for most of my life. I started writing stories in grade school, followed by all kinds of angsty poetry and whatnot as a teenager and now I dabble in online writing while working on my romance and fiction novels.

Feel free to ask me anything and say whatever you want about my writing. I actually enjoy and prefer the honesty. You're not likely to upset me and you probably can't offend me (no, that is not a challenge) so say what you feel and I'll do the same. I like to have fun, I love to laugh and joke around. I'm very sarcastic when I want to be and tend to speak without thinking sometimes which is why typing is so great. You gotta love that backspace!

My hubs here cover a wide range of topics, from my love of Old Hollywood and the actors and actresses of that era to poetry to my love of food and finding new recipes that I would love to share with you here. Browse around and enjoy!

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