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Random Facts about Random Countries

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    LeviTateposted 8 years ago

    I'm randomly selecting a country to talk about and a category to report on specifically. Some pairings will be easy to write on, some not so easy.

    This will provide me a never-ending supply of topics and ones that will hopefully bring interest to some of you occasionally.

    I've started off well with 4 written. Hopefully, I'll be able to step that number up in the next couple of weeks as there is sure to be some down-time towards the end of the month around Christmas.

    I'm hoping to get 30 done in December. Comments on them are much appreciated.

    Wish me luck.

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    L. Andrew Marrposted 8 years ago

    Try Hinduism in Wales...

    Now there's a challenge.

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      LeviTateposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      That's the sort of thing I'm sure could be covered in hub, but in very specific detail. There are other topics such as one I've already done - Music in Turkey - that took quite some time to decide how to narrow it down a bit.

      An I'm learning a whole lot at the same time.

      I'll have to be careful with any topic involving religion or politics. I know opinions can get pretty hot when these are discussed. Luckily, they haven't come up in my magical Random Selection Machine yet.

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    cheaptrickposted 8 years ago

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