How to get traffic from

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    ud1093posted 4 years ago

    How to get traffic from

    Please give me step by step info about how to get traffic from I have submitted all my pages but still no traffic from

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    jabelufirozposted 4 years ago

    Digg is a social bookmarking platform that allows people to find and share content from sites such as international newspapers to obscure blogs to videos and images. Increased Digg traffic is generated from ratings from other users which increases the popularity of your links and is a great form of internet link building.
    As with all of these social bookmarking sites, the goal is to make the hot list so that your site appears on the home page – the more Digg traffic you can get the better!
    If one of your links is able to make it onto the front page, then there really is no limit to the amount of traffic you will get.

    Be an Active Digg User
    Digg users who are very active have a better chance of getting their Digg submissions noticed and attracting more Diggs to them from other users. Submit various posts (particularly breaking news items), add friends, comment, and add an avatar to your profile to make your Diggs stand out from other submissions in Digg’s list format. The more active you are, the more people will notice you and become interested in investigating your submissions, which will ultimately lead to more Digg opportunities for your own blog posts. More Diggs for your own blog posts equal more traffic to your blog.
    Digg the Original Source
    Digg users are very particular about how the site is used. There are a variety of rules that Digg expects users to follow. One of the most important rules of Digg etiquette is to always submit the original source of a story. If you’re submitting a blog post or page that expounds on the original source of a story by adding new information or opinions, that’s okay, but make sure your submission adds value to the conversation or story. If it doesn’t, find the original source and submit that instead.
    Digg quality content
    Only Digg stories and articles which really are good. This really should be number 1. Your credibility is everything. Actually this is the idea behind the whole site. You are supposed to “Digg” cool stuff. Quality content is where any social media campaign should begin.
    Digg several articles from different sources at a time
    Do not just join Digg and Digg one article (your own) and stop. Digg is on the lookout for those who just post one Digg for one story. They really want to stop those who are getting paid to Digg. So Digg and comment on a variety of articles.
    Don’t Digg Your Own Posts … -digg.html