Still another question about Tags...I am learning though

  1. anglfire693 profile image77
    anglfire693posted 8 years ago

    Ok, the last question I posted on tags was getting filled up so I decided to start a new one. 

    By the advice of some very wise hubbers I was directed to read this article,

    Very good...I wasn't crying when I was through....

    After reading, I decided to investigate this clicking on the tags and seeing if my hubs were ranking within the top 10 on the list of hubs for that tag.  I was very excited to see that the first couple I was right on the first page!  But then as I continued I was confused.  There were some where it said only 5 other hubs had that tag, but mine wasn't one of them!  Why not?  That tag was on my hub!  And then there was a tag that said only one other hub had that tag, and it was me!  And still yet other tags I clicked on (from my hub) and it told me that there weren't any hubs with that tag.....

    Can someone explain that to me??

    Still dazed and confused...