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What do you remember most while initially becoming a member of HubPages?

  1. tsmog profile image83
    tsmogposted 4 years ago

    What do you remember most while initially becoming a member of HubPages?

    I remember reading as much as I could first and commenting. Next, playing with the capsules. Then venturing my first article / Hub.

  2. chef-de-jour profile image96
    chef-de-jourposted 4 years ago

    I recall just how difficult it was to get my head around all the advice I was so kindly given on forums and the like, plus having to digest all that stuff via the Learning Center! It was a wonder I ever got my first few hubs launched.
    I'd say I wouldn't have been able to get going as confidently without the excellent support from all the experienced hubbers.
    And they're still helping newcomers....that's great to know.

  3. dearabbysmom profile image76
    dearabbysmomposted 4 years ago

    I remember how friendly and supportive people were...how easy it was to start following someone's work and build a friendship from that.

  4. profile image0
    sheilamyersposted 4 years ago

    My first thought was "There's no way I can do this". I then took some time to look at other hubs to get an idea what I needed to do and was impressed by the high quality of work I saw. And I'll never forget all of the help I got from people when I asked all of the standard rookie questions because I didn't understand how to make things work.

  5. janshares profile image97
    jansharesposted 4 years ago

    I recall how frustrating it was to get adsense. I don't think anything stressed me out more. The process was unclear and confusing. I also recall being really stressed out about hubberscore, especially when I thought I was doing well and my score didn't reflect it, especially when I would look at the work of others with questionable work who had less hubs and higher hubberscores. It was like going through some kind of initiation of your ego.

  6. elayne001 profile image81
    elayne001posted 4 years ago

    I remember being stoked that I could share my thoughts and people I could find like-minded people. Also, it helped that I could turn words into pennies. I was a bit sad that I could not share on the forums without being criticized (but that helps with maturity). Freedom of speech is important to me, and glad to have HP to express myself.

  7. kj force profile image72
    kj forceposted 4 years ago

    What I remember most is the " high " of finally seeing my writes published and then the responses/comments/critiques from others who had more knowledge/experience under their belts. Most were kind and thus started a friendship online based solely on words from the mind...I have enjoyed the comradery of special people on this site....Thanks for the question...looking forward to others response.

  8. grand old lady profile image83
    grand old ladyposted 4 years ago

    I remember starting out because I just wanted to write my kind of articles. Now, I'm so busy that I just publish my locally published pieces. But I'm grateful that Hub pages reminded me that you can write about what's in your heart, what you're passionate about and not always look at writing as "work" or "another assignment." It brought back my love and value for the craft of writing.