Why do you get a lot of traffic?

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    chriscamaroposted 3 years ago

    Why do you get a lot of traffic?

    Select the answer that fits the best:

    1) One or more of your hubs ranks very high on Google search
    2) Your traffic is coming from multiple backlinks (high backlink count rating)
    3) Your hubs are getting all their traffic from cross-linking within hubpages
    4) You get all your money from Ebay sales
    5) You get all your money from Amazon sales
    6) You just have so many hubs that it doesn't matter anymore.  The traffic is proportional to your hubs.

    For whatever answer, can you please explain whether you did something intentionally to get the traffic or whether it was purely by accident.  Thanks.

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    Sumit Athanereposted 3 years ago

    Hey Chris,
    I am getting a lot of traffic from google search engine. I am making money using adsense and amazon ad program. You have spend 2 years here on hubpages. I looked to your profile and I get that your hub is viewed over 10K. I get accolade 100K in 6 months. So you can understand that google is most important to get a lot of traffic. I am here since 7 months but I worked on SEO techniques more and spend about 3 years to learn this. I want to say that good SEO work is very important to trigger your money high. Thanks......