How much can i expect

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    priyankeshuposted 8 years ago

    Hi there, fellow Hubbers

    i have been browsing around Hubpages and i am really here to make money. I need some idea on how much can i make with around 100 descent quality hubs here?

    Actually i do not have a job and i need to make at least $10 a day to pay the bills and feed myself...

    I have read some success stories in the blog and here in the forums.. but i am keen to know that are those success stories exceptions or getting to $10 a day common?

    Just for your information.. i have good knowledge of SEO and keyword research. I am writing hubs instead of creating web sites because of two reasons:

    1. Because i do not have money to invest in buying domains and hosting etc.

    2. I can't wait till my sites start getting traffic. Blogs and sites are long term. Hubpages is already established so i think i can earn in lesser time here as compared to creating a separate site..

    If anyone of you can share a ball park stats on how much you guys (or someone you know make) it will give me a better idea on what to expect.

    I think that in some cultures it is rude to ask someone's salary/income.. so please excuse me if you do not like such questions.. (but i really am not interested in your total monthly earnings, i just need an approximate value..)


  2. kirstenblog profile image78
    kirstenblogposted 8 years ago

    Well I do not earn that much yet but then again this has been a learning experience that I have not finished. Seems there is always something new to learn! The advice given to me in regard to earning here is to not expect to much to fast. You need to build up a good foundation before you can hope to build a house so to speak. This site attracts all sorts of writers and so there are different levels or expectations of success. Some folks write for fun only and for them success is going to look different then those who write for money only. Some folks do both and it makes the whole process more fun, for me it is easier to be patient with the earnings by mixing it up with fun too. There are loads of hubs out there on how to earn with your writing and even some offering advice on free blogging sites that you can earn from too. I hope this has helped and I am sure that others will come along and offer their advice too smile

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    Uninvited Writerposted 8 years ago

    It totally depends on you as to how much you can earn. You have to write quality articles that will attract search engine users.
    It took me 10 months before I started earning a decent amount. I still don't make $10 a day...although some do.