Hub scores- What is a good one?

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    Victoria Campbellposted 3 years ago

    Hub scores- What is a good one?

  2. flash167 profile image90
    flash167posted 3 years ago

    Good question.  Basically the higher the hub score the more exposure HubPages gives your hub.

    There is more information in this guide: … bber-score

    The majority of my hubs are somewhere between 70-90.  I've never had a perfect 100.

    If you are looking at which Hubs make the most money the HubScore is not always the biggest factor.  In fact, only one of 2 of my top 10 high scoring hubs actually make a significant amount of money.

    My highest paying Hubs are scored between 79-86.

    That being said however none of my lowest ranking Hubs make me any sort of substantial money.

    I write Hubs for two reasons first because I enjoy it and second because it makes me some extra money.

    I use the HubScore to help guide me in writing a better Hub.  If for some reason the Hub doesn't rank that high I try to figure out what I am missing or did wrong to try to get it to rank a little higher.

    My goal is 80 or above for each Hub but I don't always get there.   Any Hubs that rank lower than 80 get a little extra work once and a while until the HubScore improves.