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How do I can get the ads of my choice on my hubs or blogs.

  1. firdousi0 profile image82
    firdousi0posted 3 years ago

    How do I can get the ads of my choice on my hubs or blogs.

    For example, I am writing on the topic of Islam. Now, it will not be acceptable for me to have an ad propagating Christianity or inviting youngsters for friendship, which is not permissible in Islam? Is it possible to get the adsense ads of my choice on my hubs and blogs?

  2. alikhan3 profile image97
    alikhan3posted 3 years ago

    A certain ad about "Flirchi" is circulating .......... which seems to be inappropriate for us to show on our articles.
    Google filters pornographic ads but not kind of these 'moderate' ads ...if you come across any way of controlling such ads do share with us.

  3. lisavollrath profile image96
    lisavollrathposted 3 years ago

    Using AdSense on HubPages, no, it's not possible for you to pick and choose which ads appear. If you were running AdSense on your own site, you could go into the  ad options, and block ads from specific domains.

    Here at HubPages, you do have the option of turning ads off completely on any hub, but if you use that option, you won't earn any ad revenue.

  4. Darshan Dodiya profile image60
    Darshan Dodiyaposted 2 years ago

    Yes, You can customize ads as per your choice.