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What's it take for you hub to be featured?

  1. NightDude profile image60
    NightDudeposted 2 years ago

    What's it take for you hub to be featured?

    I have a hub that has 41 views in less then 3 days and it's slowly growing. HP hasn't scored it yet and it has 792 words. 2 pictures and one survey.

  2. Edwin Thomas profile image74
    Edwin Thomasposted 2 years ago

    HP features your hub based on the quality of content written. Quality does matters more than the content. My hub http://edwinthomas.hubpages.com/hub/WHY … ON-SOMEONE had only 400 words and one picture when I first posted but it was featured. whreas my latest hub with 1200+ words, 3pics and 3 special capsules was not featured as HP says it lacks quality http://edwinthomas.hubpages.com/hub/How … Easy-Steps

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    Robbie C Wilsonposted 2 years ago

    Follow the editing tips at the top right of the page when you are editing your hubs. My formula, which has lead to me never having had a hub unfeatured due to quality is:

    Write at least 1,500 words
    Spell check and grammar check it thoroughly using words
    Add at least 10 pictures (I use my own, but you can use correctly accredited photos from the internet as long as that is allowed)
    I add at least one pod such as a poll, map etc depending on the hub
    I use Google Adwords to carefully choose my title

    With this approach, I now have 115 hubs on HubPages.

    1. NightDude profile image60
      NightDudeposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Okay thanks!