How do I make money online?

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    Anthony Guaposted 21 months ago

    How do I make money online?

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    PeterStipposted 21 months ago

    Making money online is not easy. It takes a lot of work.
    There are a lot of options. But in all scenarios you need you're own website.
    I earn around 60$ a month through Amazon sales. Not on Hubpages but through my own website.
    I've a website that sells a specific product range. Let's say skateboards. Then I write blogposts about them. In these blogposts (min. Of 350 words) i also put an visual Amazon link. So you make a post about red skateboards, cyber skateboards, big or small ones etc. And use different words, synonyms , for the same thing. Write about the things you like and be honest.
    There are lots of other ways to earn money online, but it's hard work and dedication. Just like with any other job.there is no such thing as easy money on the Internet. Of course you hear succes stories but that's one in a million.
    If you like the job you do, what ever job it is, you will become successful. But succes is not always money, often it's more like apriciation and respect you get from others.

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    tamarawilhiteposted 21 months ago

    I've answered this in one of my Hubs, Stay At Home Jobs Other Than Writing