Are we off to a good start here?

  1. GaminCouple profile image81
    GaminCoupleposted 19 months ago

    Are we off to a good start here?

    We have 12 published Hubs, of which 11 are featured, and several more in the works. Our HubScore is 80 and we have only been on Hubpages for about a week now. Is this better than average? Do we have a realistic chance of becoming successful on this site? Also, we have not been able to be accepted by google adsense- does any one have some tips on what we need to do to be accepted? We meet the visible criteria when we attempt to apply but are eventually denied anyways.

  2. tamarawilhite profile image93
    tamarawilhiteposted 19 months ago

    * don't put too many affiliate links or external links in your hubs or you'll get them labelled spammy
    * hub score doesn't matter a whole lot if you're above 50, whereas a low one hurts them
    * successful depends on the definition, but getting lots of views means positioning content as a solution to common queries that others aren't answering
    * making money outside of Adsense is possible, but it requires ebay sales, Amazon affiliate sales, selling products or promoting your own blog - and this needs to be done tactfully or you'll get search engine penalties as spam.

  3. Johnny James A profile image78
    Johnny James Aposted 19 months ago

    See the link below for information on Adsense.  Normally, in order to be accepted you will have to wait a little over a month and have 10+ Hubs each with 1,000 words or more in the article, plus pictures, etc.  Usually, it is the 1,000 in the article which gets people.  If you find your articles are a bit short you can gradually increase the amount of content over the next month you are here, Also, do not keep applying to adsense if you are rejected.  I would just wait it out until you are here for about 5 weeks.

    Adsense Information. … up-AdSense