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How long does Google Adsense take?

  1. Susan Sears profile image92
    Susan Searsposted 8 months ago

    How long does Google Adsense take?

    My account says "We are working on connecting your site...This usually takes about 3 days but can take a bit longer...We'll email you when everything is ready" It has been a month so far with no email but I do have the Adsense number on my account. Is there something different I should be doing?

  2. tsmog profile image83
    tsmogposted 8 months ago

    I don't know to be honest. I understand it takes about ten featured articles for consideration. If you don't receive other answers here a suggestion is to post at the forums. At the forums are experienced Hubbers that don't frequent the Q&A section. There you will see on the left two categories; HubPages Official and HubPages Community. At the community one there is subcategory 'Getting Help from the Hubpages Community'.

  3. tomsmithnow profile image87
    tomsmithnowposted 8 months ago

    Mine was at the stage for almost a month too so I sent a reply back to AdSense asking about my status and if I needed to do anything. Adsense then changed my account to a note of it taking one day or less or more. It showed that I had already provided my address and phone # as needed. So then, I sent an email to team@Hubpages.com & they replied saying my Adsense was fine. However, Adsense still wouldn't let me place ads or anything on my website. I have sent Hubpages another email, but I did see on another post that we just need to be patient and maybe AdSense is backed up.

    1. tomsmithnow profile image87
      tomsmithnowposted 8 months agoin reply to this

      Also, I believe Tim is correct, you must have at least 10 articles or more maybe before they will connect you and all. I have 13 articles and I'm still having issues. My AdSense account is now back to the 3 day note again.