How do I get more people to view my hubs?

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    marcuscaineposted 8 months ago

    How do I get more people to view my hubs?

    I am still fairly new to this.

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    tsmogposted 8 months ago

    Views arrive from two main sources; Organic web searches and social media sharing. Marketing an article is different for each. Some say organic searches are best, others say social media is best, and others say it is a combination. You will get faster results with social media sharing, but it is relevant to when it is shared. Organic searches may take longer to receive  good 'steady' traffic.

    An organic search is when a user searching for information sees your article. What they see is your title and a small introduction to the content. 'If' the user feels it will answer their question or desire, then they will open the article. The key is where in the search results one's article is ranked. If it is on the first page they are more likely to see it and so forth.

    Search engines like Google use criteria to rank an article. The three biggest are the title, keywords or phrases, and the quality of the content. There are many attributing factors. All those techniques are known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I should mention another factor is the ranking of the website the article is on. I mention that because an article at one of the HubPages Niche sites has a greater probability to receiving more views than on the main. I noticed your article 'King of Thieves Game Review' is on Levelskip, which is a Niche Site.

    Searching SEO will result with many articles about SEO. It is science and can become complicated. So, stick to the basic techniques is a recommendation. Here is a link to the basics provided by The title is Beginners Guide to SEO.

    With social media sharing it is basically sharing the article on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others. That can be done with a Hub article using the links at the upper left of the article. You will see Facebook and Pinterst links for sharing.

    An example is when an article is published it will be shared to the readers at HubPages. So, it may get an initial shot of views from  there. It appears on the feed to followers and by topic to the community. It will be announced to followers of the topic and you in a daily announcement email.

    To get an idea how an article ranks search a question the article will answer or the keywords. For instance, I searched 'King of Thieves' and it appeared on Page #5 the ninth listed. So, I searched 'King of Thieves Review' next. It was found on Page #3 at #2.

    Hope that helps . . .