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How can I get real traffic to my hubpage articles?

  1. Naceur Jabouja profile image51
    Naceur Jaboujaposted 6 months ago

    How can I get real traffic to my hubpage articles?

  2. Tara Nichols profile image78
    Tara Nicholsposted 6 months ago

    Hi, I am also new on here, and having the same issue with not a lot of traffic to my articles. From what I have gathered by lurking here in the forums and reading some posts from other "veteran hubbers" is that once you publish your article it goes into the hubpage's "main site" but your ultimate goal should be to get it approved to go onto one of the "niche sites" I guess that is where the traffic is from what I've seen, and read... You can submit 1 article to be "considered" to go on a "niche site" every 14 days I beleive. Once you have submitted it, you have to wait for approval to see if your article meets standards, and will actually be approved to go on the niche website. I think it is a different level of standards from the normal "QAP" for the hubpage site and it can take a few weeks from what I have read to see if your article gets approved or not.
    If you click on your article from your "account" page you will see above your articles title in the top left hand corner a little "tab" that says "submit to niche site" click on that tab, and follow the steps from there to submit your article to be considered for approval, (after that you just wait to hear back) the niche sites get more traffic...I hope that helps some. Good luck to you!

  3. Kierstin Gunsberg profile image98
    Kierstin Gunsbergposted 6 months ago

    Hi Jabouja, I just took a look at your profile and you only have one article written right now. A great way to start driving more traffic is to write more articles and make sure they have search-friendly titles.

    Google doesn't like pages that are ad-heavy, so I would take your Amazon capsules out. For an article like yours, I would include just one Amazon capsule and make sure that the product is relevant to the article and that you've used it before. So, maybe a great history book on the topic that you loved and then explain in the capsule what new information this book can bring to the reader.

    Another good idea for your articles would be to write as much as possible about the topic (as long as you don't start fluffing it out and including useless info). Google favors longer articles.

    Good luck! This is a really great place to write and if you keep at it you'll see results.

  4. tsmog profile image81
    tsmogposted 6 months ago

    Traffic is firstly dependent on if a person is interested in knowing the information. That means someone wants to know ‘Forgotten African gods’ or at least ‘African gods’. That leads to popularity.

    Next, there are two sources for traffic. One is social media sharing. Once published it is shared at HubPages on the feed of your followers and followers of the topic. And, it is shared the same way with daily HubPages announcement email. Next, you can share it to social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and others. You can share it easily to Facebook & Pinterst if you are a member using the links at the upper left of the article.

    The other source for traffic is by organic searches done on a Search Engine like Google. Steady traffic may take 6 months or more. People will do a query. The result is articles that will satisfy that in ranking order. The higher the ranking is the better chance they will open the article. Bettering ranking can be done with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

    The important ones are a search friendly title, using keywords or phrases, the quality of the article, and if the article answers the query. A key to search friendly titles is keeping them at or less than 65 characters or they will be truncated. Another is to have the keywords or phrase in it. Your title does that well. The opening paragraph and article summary should use the keywords or phrase too. And, the keywords or phrase should be in the article ‘naturally’. In other words, do not keyword stuff or over use them unnaturally. A very important factor is article quality.

    How it works? I did a search using ‘Who are forgotten African gods’. The result is it is on the 1st page at #9. I did the keyword phrase ‘Forgotten African gods’ the result is page #1 at #5. Both in my view are good. Next, I did ‘African gods’ and I could not see it looking through 20 pages. So, easily seen is the keywords make a difference and, too, the competition with articles and websites that answers the query.

    Next, at the title is a short snippet from the article. It will be the summary or the opening of the 1st paragraph. Yours is:

    “African religions are as countless as the ethnic groups that are dominant on the continent of Africa. Therefore, there existed many gods and deities that were ...”

    The user will decide from the title and that if it will answer their query, thus open the article creating a view. That snippet should reinforce the title.

    I hope that helps . . .