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CloudFare Pop-Ups

  1. Lew Marcrum profile image96
    Lew Marcrumposted 7 weeks ago

    Is anyone else as sick of these CloudFare "I am not a robot" pop-ups as I am?  CloudFare is almost as annoying as Dell laptop touch pads than can't be disabled when using a mouse.  They turn laptops into typo factories.

  2. Jeremy Gill profile image95
    Jeremy Gillposted 7 weeks ago

    Admittedly I'm unfamiliar with CloudFare, but I'm very acquainted with the Captcha "I am not a robot" ads. Annoying as they are, I hear they're a good way of filtering out hackers and such as it's hard to program computers to get past them.

    Perhaps an adblocker of some sort would help (you can find many good ones for free).

  3. Lew Marcrum profile image96
    Lew Marcrumposted 7 weeks ago

    CloudFare isn't an ad, it's a service that websites subscribe to which filters and flags any incoming request from what they consider "suspicious" sources.  That especially means anyone outside the US.  This is Honduras, for heaven's sake!  My ISP isn't even in the same country as my residence, and it's operated, very well I might add, by some Chinese company.  For various reasons many US sites block me, but I can get around most by using a VPN.  I have very good virus and malware protection, and I'm sure my connection is as clean as any in the US.  Pop-up ads are an occasional minor nuisance, but CloudFare is a royal PIB.  I'm sure some sites must realize they are losing visitors and revenue by people being fed up with CloudFare.

  4. WryLilt profile image92
    WryLiltposted 6 weeks ago

    Do you mean Cloudflare? I use it as a CDN for some of my sites. It's quite useful.

    That said, I use a VPN and often have 'Are you a robot' boxes appear, which area usually from Google captcha.

  5. Lew Marcrum profile image96
    Lew Marcrumposted 6 weeks ago

    Yes, I suppose that's what I mean.  I've been misspelling it all along.  Sorry.