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  1. Nuruliffa Emirah profile image77
    Nuruliffa Emirahposted 2 months ago

    Hi, everyone ~ How are you? :-)

    I'm iffa, not really new here, as I re-join this website 4 days ago

    (First joined it 3 years ago, but quit after awhile, because articles are unpublished)

    Before HP, I was on Squidoo for almost 2 years and have published some articles.

    Currently, I'm an online creative-writer at Mirakee and have wrote & posted 270 pieces of writings there.

    About 14 hours ago, I tried to publish an article here. It's about a collection of my acrostic poems There are 23 of them

    (I re-typed some poems in the text modules, while the others are put as screenshot images as tumbnails.)

    5 hours after that, I got an email by HP, that said, it was unpublished One of the content is a comment from a moderator to 'remove the link to your website and put on profile instead'

    (Well, I already put a link to my Mirakee profile, at my Hubpages profile, as soon as I re-joined Hp though)

    But, that other link, the one in the article, is NOT a link to my website I don't even have a website.

    It's actually a hashtag on Mirakee, that contain my acrostic poems I include it, as I thought it will be convenient Seems that its not acceptable either

    (In the intro- part, I even wrote about acrostic poem in general, like what is acrostic, how to write it etc)

    Hm..will it be fixed, if I just remove the link? Or shall I elaborate more on some of my acrostic poems?

    Or should I just write one specific article for each of my poem I meant, 1 article for 1 poem only?

    Is it not allowed to put lot of poems in one article? I wasn't promoting my posts though Just want some feedbacks (and also,showing examples of acrostic poems, through mine.)

    That's all, for now. Sorry for the lengthy entry Thanks for taking time to read it ~

    1. wilderness profile image98
      wildernessposted 2 months agoin reply to this

      It might fix the problem...if the poems you publish here are NOT already published at Mirakee.  HubPages requires original, unique content, not something already found on the web.

      HubPages is not designed to be a source of traffic for other sites; while it is certainly fine to include a link as a source of information, when it is done with the goal of providing traffic for another site it is a big no-no.

  2. Nuruliffa Emirah profile image77
    Nuruliffa Emirahposted 2 months ago

    Hm..what to do I can't delete the ones in Mirakee, just to publish in article here

    But, at the same time, I can't put them in an article, just because I have shared it elsewhere

    I did NOT put the link for 'traffic' though I just want some feedbacks, by other writers

    The posts are original by me, but the content is not 'unique', according to HubPages standard right

    The reason I write it as an article is its a way for me to organize my poems At Mirakee, the only way to do it just by hashtags Theres no sorted by category whatsover

    Well, maybe, I shall quit Hubpages again Seems article-writing is not for me I will just continue writing creative stuffs on Mirakee

    Btw, thanks for commenting Really appreciate it ~

    1. wilderness profile image98
      wildernessposted 2 months agoin reply to this

      If you're looking for feedback on Mirakee then by definition you are wanting to increase traffic there.  You can't get one without the other, but HubPages in not the place to create that traffic from.  Perhaps you should delete everything in Mirakee and put it on HubPages, then put links in Mirakee driving traffic to HubPages rather than the other way around.

      Understand that all the sites designed to drive traffic somewhere else have disappeared.  Google recognizes such efforts and traffic dwindles away to nothing; HubPages recognizes that and refuses to become just an advertisement for another site.

      Yes, if you want to publish the same poem here it will have to be taken off of Mirakee.  If that is not acceptable then you won't be able to publish it here.  New work,  rather than copies of old work, are welcome.

      1. Nuruliffa Emirah profile image77
        Nuruliffa Emirahposted 2 months agoin reply to this

        Hm..I don't know much about traffic
        Except for the traffic jams and traffic lights, on the road or highway

        Just kidding :p

        Traffic is something to do with Seo right? Like to appear more in search engines

        Well, I don't really curious about such stuffs Thats why I said, I wasn't inviting more 'traffic' But, it seems like it huh...Never mind.

        To me, writing article is a 'terrific' thing Yes, it terrify me As there's strict rules and fixed formats to be followed

        As for Mirakee, like I said, I can't delete any of my posts there No way! n_n'

        Because I've spent so much time to write those things, so I just cant delete it Even if I delete there, then post it here, it won't be the same

        Well, the solution is simple then. I just have to write new stuffs here, that unrelated to those old posts.

        Thanks again, for your insights on this matter Much appreciated :-) ~

  3. theraggededge profile image96
    theraggededgeposted 2 months ago

    Traffic = the volume of readers/visitors.

    Yes, new material is always the best way to go. There's no point recycling existing work unless you can make it radically different.

    Also, poetry doesn't do very well on HubPages. It doesn't attract readers in the volume you need to earn any money. Think about writing for HubPages as similar to writing for a print magazine. Articles that are informative and helpful about topics that people are searching for.

    1. Nuruliffa Emirah profile image77
      Nuruliffa Emirahposted 2 months agoin reply to this

      That's right Yeah, you are right

      Well, I don't want to just copy & paste my old works I've thought about making it bit different

      Such as to explain the meanings behind the poems But, I'm not good at explaning things So, I'll skip that

      Hm..indeed This isn't a place for poetry So, I will stay away from that topic and write about my random interests instead

      Maybe, I'll write reviews on certain stuffs It's one of the things people look for on web, right? (Or no?)

      Btw, is it allowed to write article that based on true stories/ experiences/memories, here?

      (Nothing too personal though Just something like social-anxiety disorder or socially-awkward person)

  4. theraggededge profile image96
    theraggededgeposted 2 months ago

    It's a good idea if you explore the Network sites. If you click on the HubPages logo above and then look down the right-hand side of the page, you'll see them all there in green.

    Those articles are supposed to be the best ones and they will help you to know what is required.

    Overly personal stories are not encouraged, you need to be offering information as well. It's a question of balance.

    1. Nuruliffa Emirah profile image77
      Nuruliffa Emirahposted 2 months agoin reply to this

      Thanks for the suggestion

      I did explore the website, these past years though, even after I quit HP Because HubPages is my favourite website!

      Plus, I also like to browse the niche sites, at times (Especially LetterPile, ReelRundown & HealthProAdvice)

      Yes You're absolutely right Of course, too personal articles are not ok Have to include info, facts, tips etc as well.

      Ok. Got it. Noted.

      Btw, thanks for replying to my posts here. It's much appreciated. smile ~


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