Hubbers Poll Summarized-great job!

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    lyricsingrayposted 8 years ago

    The Summary

    It's been exactly 7 days since we opened this poll to get to know Hubbers better.
    In many areas I did and hope you do too.

    Given the inconsistency in not all voters answering every question, there is an average of 73 votes in each question. Pretty good basis to draw from. I was really pleased.

    I am going to summarize these questions by the majority. Not each question will have completed all percentages. I felt the majority is where the interest belongs, so lets go:

    Question 1-Do you feel yo are a writer above everything else?

    46% said no

    44% said yes

    Question 2-When you write, what do you write to create?

    31% information

    16% emotion

    16% for views and opinions

    11% for interest

    Question 3-How much time do you spend writing for HubPages?

    37% said it varies on motivation

    25% few hours a week

    24% said daily

    13% few days a week

    Question 4-Do you believe you are a good writer?

    67% said yes

    17% no

    17% can’t tell

    Question 5-How attached are you to your work?

    68% it means everything

    22% feel to insecure to determine this

    10% pay little attention to their writing

    Question 6-How hard/easy is it for you to pick a topic for your hub?

    45% are full of ideas

    39% get their ideas spontaneously

    15% use prompts to help with ideas

    Question 7-How many compare their work to others?

    66% do not at all

    23% constantly comparing their work

    11% are envious of other peoples work

    Question 8-How often do you read or comment on Hubs?

    55% few a day

    34% as many as I can

    11% can’t seem to find the time

    Question 9-How much do scores effect your perception off your work?

    39% don’t rely but check often

    22% pay absolutely no attention

    16% are constantly checking for validation

    Question 10-Avatars

    40% enjoy seeing the variety

    15% believe ones avatar is an instant indication about that Hubber

    15% respect the people that can show their true selves

    11% pay no attention to avatars

    Question 11-Do you watch other Hubber scores?

    48% said no

    35% said yes

    4% compare theirs to others

    Question 12-What brings the most traffic to Hubs?

    27% the work

    18% followers

    15% HubPages

    15% back-links

    1% word of mouth

    Question 13-Do you resent one or more Hubbers here?

    67% no

    22% have de-fanned someone

    7% are bothered by at least one

    3% are in constant conflict in the forums

    Question 14-Do you participate in the forums?

    45% off and on

    43% regularly

    9% no

    3% find the forums are no longer interesting

    Question 15-Do we have enough creative choices to produce a Hub?

    61% said yes

    19% would like to see more options

    17% still learning how to create a Hub

    Question 16-Do you spend too much time on HubPages?

    61% yes and enjoy it

    22% spend far too much time

    7% feel they don’t spend enough time

    Question 17-Do you consider yourself a good Hubber?

    59% do the best they can

    38% said yes

    Question 18-What do you like best about HubPages?

    43% the challenge of creating good work

    38% writing

    6% other Hubbers

    6% reading Hubs

    Question 19 -What makes an attractive hub?

    53% writing

    26% title

    13% layout

    9% photos

    Question 20 -What makes a good Hubber?

    57% their writing

    23% being themselves

    10% involvement in the community

    6% support of other Hubbers

    Thanks Again … you-better

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    Cagsilposted 8 years ago

    Pretty cool results Kimberly. smile

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    Jane@CMposted 8 years ago

    Interesting results.