Does social bookmarking really do anything?

  1. easyspeak profile image72
    easyspeakposted 8 years ago

    Have you used social bookmarking to create backlinks and do you think it's worth doing?  Other than traffic cause I think backlinks are more important than getting referral traffic.

    If you think it's been useful to you, is there a good hub with a list of dofollow social bookmarking sites?  I found a list but it included delicous and digg, which I believe are both nofollow.

  2. thisisoli profile image72
    thisisoliposted 8 years ago

    I don't do much social bookmarking, and I dont think it has particularly hurt me. 

    I sometimes Stumble and Digg, incase someone likes my site and links to it themselves. There are also some do follow ones, Mr wong used to be one, I think Mixx might have been too, but you would need to check!

    Social Bookmarking traffic is generally poor conversion, to clicks or sales, however, every so often you can get the Digg Effect, which can net you thousands of visitors for little work.

    Social Bookmarking really doesn't Hurt, but iff you spend too much time on it you may find the time better spent writing new content!