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    Jason Menayanposted 9 years ago

    Hey everyone!

    This is not an April Fool's joke smile

    April will be a month that we'd like to involve all interested parties in sharing wisdom, and setting up collaborative networks, for getting backlinks to your Hubs (in very, very large part the key to getting traffic, and money, from your work).

    Publishing on HubPages does give a Hub considerable "provisional ranking" from Google, because HubPages is an authority site. This means that Google trusts the quality from HubPages enough that it will give Hubs, especially those from trusted authors, good ranking for a short while before it can study the Hub and determine how it will rank against all the other pages on the Web on the same topic. This is why some Hubs will get a spurt of traffic soon after you publish it, and then almost none after that.

    To ensure long-term traffic, your Hubs will need backlinks (links on other sites that link to your Hub) as "votes" in favor of your Hubs. Think of each backlink from a trusted site (i.e. not a spammy site, or a link farm) as a vote in favor of getting more traffic from Google.

    Often, you need a few backlinks from trusted sites in order to get your Hub on Google's radar, so it can begin to send it traffic (by ranking it well on relevant keywords). Then, presumably, if the Hub is high-quality and is a good resource on the topic, it will continue to generate its own backlinks - a small percentage of visitors to your Hubs will link to it, or save it to a social bookmarking site, or email it to themselves/others. Google notices all of this, and they'll think the quality will merit moving your Hub a little closer to the top of search results when people google the term you've written about.

    So, we want Hubbers to share strategies for "seeding" some backlinks to get on Google's radar with each other, so that your Hubs can get the traffic they deserve. It's sad to see a lot of hard work, and a lot of unique, useful information in a Hub languish without readers because Google & Yahoo don't know about it.

    What I'd like everyone to do (as often as you like) is to post strategies on getting backlinks:
    - that you've tried and that have worked
    - that you've tried and have not worked (if that's the case for a lot of people, then you'll know not to waste your time)
    - that you've heard about working great but you haven't tried yourself yet

    Please post a separate comment for each strategy. And don't worry about "swamping" the comments. Put in as much as you like, and please spell out each strategy (don't just link to a Hub/page with a lot of strategies, because we want to get granular with this information).

    I'm going to close this discussion thread, because I'd like for all the discussion to happen at the Hub.

    Thank you! Let's make this work spectacularly well for everyone!

    >> Project Backlink

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    Jason Menayanposted 9 years ago

    Hi all,

    Project Backlink Part 2 - Exactly which Social Bookmarking/Networking sites have brought in traffic or backlinks to your Hubs, and which ones have not?

    Please share your experiences at the Project Backlink hub

    I will distill all the information into something more handy and readable at the end of this month, but please share as much wisdom as you can at the Hub. It'll just take a minute or two, and will be much appreciated!

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