Does "Printable-huggies-coupons" lack content

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    smartwriter1posted 8 years ago

    I feel, i have produced the coupons i want to give. Even, though the writing is less, it serves the purpose. Correct?

    1. Appletreedeals profile image73
      Appletreedealsposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      I debated this response, but since you asked ...

      yes, it lacks content. I did not "feel" any enthusiasm from you, or motivation to click links.

      Some thoughts:
      1. your topic is a good start - I always try to find and use coupons

      2. stay focused - your title is huggies coupons, but you referenced other stuff, (which is fine), without leading me through a process from point A to point B.

      Try using a progression of "sections" in your hub to focus attention on links' e.g.
         TEXT MOD: Huggies offers some great coupons ... yadda - yadda
         TEXT OR LINK MOD: include your coupon links

      *** perhaps you could do this with just one big list of your coupon links, or maybe you could sub-divide your text/links into product categories - newborn, toddler, daytime, nighttime, etc.

      then for your non-huggie coupons, follow the same example:
           TEXT MOD: There are lots of coupons for products to save new parents money ... yada - yadda ...for example ...
           TEXT OR LINK MOD: include your coupon links

      If you consider the above example you will end up with more content without having to do a lot more writing, and you will be leading the reader to your links, not just tossing them out there hoping they will find them useful.

      In the spirit of being helpful - I hope this was

      ps. If you do a hub search for "coupons" you will see plenty of examples of how others do it, (the good and bad), and maybe get some ideas.