Is this real or a fluke experience?

  1. aoiffe379 profile image57
    aoiffe379posted 7 years ago

    I was working on a hub and decided to change some keywords.I checked some keywords and the competition was staggering. Nevertheless I remembered that a hubber said she had to read halfway through my hub before she knew my country. I decided to put that keyword in the title.

    After publishing the hub, I decided to find out if it had ranked on the internet. It was okay in Google; but in Bing,when I put in the title I came up with my profile! The hub title I had entered wasa hub that used poetry;but it was not listed in that category under my profile.In fact it was not listed!Now, I am someone who has fluke experiences. Someone who searches for the hub may find the link to the hub on Bing and not my profile.

    I found a listing under that one[profile] with my name and a title that included snobby.When I checked it out, the link led to a hub was by one Jeremeo; and it seemed like the listing had been juggled.I clicked on the link because of my hubpage ID name and snobby in the same breath! Now Hubpages most likely is not responsible for the summary by the search engines.I am going to spice up my profile so that if it is out there on the net,it would be magnetic. Comments please.