Feedback on my product review?

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    Gattiposted 7 years ago

    Hi I was wondering if I could get some feedback on my product review of Windows 7. … grading-To

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    Website Examinerposted 7 years ago

    I recommend always running a spell check prior to publishing hubs. The hub editor has a built-in feature for that. Spelling errors found:

    - of of
    - thier
    - Compatability
    - compatibe

    Other issues:
    - Windows 85 (should be 95)
    - Virus Protection: There is no mention in this section about protection against spyware. You do mention it in your conclusion, but need to explain it here first.

    Nice article otherwise, I found it well-written and informative.

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    SteveoMcposted 7 years ago

    In addition to what Website said, this typo is too obvious:  'Vista's sort comings.'

    The writing is good.   Some of the facts are debatable.

    It is correct that backward compatibility is built in to the operating features, however, specifically, many of your peripherals will not work with the 64 bit version of Win7.  I personally have a laser printer and a scanner that are useless with Win7, but work perfectly with XP.  These devices and all other hardware devices require 64 bit drivers, my printer will not work, there is no 64 bit version of the drivers.  If a person is working with various or many external peripherals, they should check for 64 bit drivers before making the change.  A choice to boot the 32 bit version may be a viable alternative and should be pointed out in a product review.

    Also, speed reported for start up is a little misleading.  Windows 7 was designed to work with multi-core processors. 
    Windows XP Mode  requires an additional 1 GB of RAM
    Minimum requirements, are quite a bit below recommended performance requirements.  If your computer is not fairly modern, there is no way you will see increased speed. 

    Since you are using a 64 bit version, you are probably using a dual core processor or better.  These dual cores with lightning fast front side bus, huge ram banked, etc, are incredibly fast and boot XP in approximately the same time as Win7.  I have a dual core processor and a dual boot system.  There is no noticeable difference in the boot time.

    All that being said, sadly, you left out some of the neatest features of Win7 such as Snap, Homegroup Networking, the New Task Bar, and my personal favorite: running gadgets on the desktop.   

    I doubt that many people will switch to Win7 for faster start up speeds, which really are not much with a new super fast computer.   But they will switch and are doing so in large numbers for improved stability, and other neat features you ignore in your product review.