30 Hubs / 31 Days

  1. pb3847 profile image58
    pb3847posted 7 years ago

    Hey everyone, just saw the challenge here in the forum and figured I'd join it, in a sense.

    I've posted 11 Hubs since joining in early June, with the majority of those being in July.  I posted one on August 1 and one today (August 3) so I'll do one a day for the rest of the month, totaling 30 in August.

    In addition, I'll be linking my Hubs together, with no fewer than 3 links posted to each Hub from other relevant Hubs.  I'll also likely write an Ezine Article and point it to each Hub, further gaining exposure both from readers and from Google.

    Let's see how things go!

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      Uma07posted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Go for it ! and Good luck!smile Looking forward to reading them.smile

  2. liljen23 profile image74
    liljen23posted 7 years ago

    Hello PB, great strategy to increase exposure and visitors from the search engines. Good luck in completing your challenge. I remember my first challenge, it was very exciting. I was putting in 1 hub a day back then, now I find myself completing 3=7 hubs on some days..