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  1. netmkting profile image60
    netmktingposted 7 years ago

    Hi- I have some hubs that I try and give good advice on SEO tactics and principles I have learned over the past 4 years while doing SEO. 
    Would someone mind helping make sure they are easy to read and understand.  Sometimes I assume people know as much as I do, and I want to make it simple to understand.

  2. WryLilt profile image92
    WryLiltposted 7 years ago

    Going just from the article "SEO Check List: A Beginers Guide".

    -It doesn't read like a checklist. I think checklist, I think dot points or arrows, not a big bunch of text to sift through.

    -"One of the best ways I can think of to get somebody or blogger to link to your site (which is what you want in SEO) then you need to leave an informative comment on their blog post."
    Why would you want blogger to link to your site? Do you mean blogger users? And are you aware of what nofollow and dofollow backlinks are? Unless manually taken off, most blogger blogs are nofollow.

    -"Then next recommendation I have is to really learn who is leading the field in your specific field."
    How exactly do you do that? If you're writing on babies do you try and hit up the owner of a huge babysite? I'm sure if they are ranking number one in SERPs they get millions of emails on everything from backlinks to questions etc. In most cases people keep SEO information to themselves and rarely share (and if they do it's in an eBook they charge $99 for.) A lot of the big sites also use companies set up to do SEO - and those companies charge.

    -"Then you can set up an article exchange with webmasters in your field and get great links."
    One way links are worth a lot more to google than reciprocal links. In fact if you're using google adsense (which hubpage users do), you can get banned for using link exchange sites.

    -"would to be right articles for beginners." Should be "write". Not the only spelling/grammar mistake either. If you want to be read like a professional you need to write like one.

    -"You can also go and interview those people that are experts." Who? Do you mean guest bloggers? Then say so. Or do you mean real life interviews?

    -Keywords. You do know what they are, right? Short tail and long tail keywords are another important part of SEO. Why try and rank for the word 'cars' if you have competitions ranging into the millions? People need to know that they need to rank for words they have a reasonable chance of reaching page one of google in - otherwise they won't ever get traffic.

    Overall that article wouldn't do a beginner much good. In fact you confused me with what exactly you were trying to say and I know a lot more about SEO than that - and a lot less than many hubbers. You make general suggestions then don't list specifics or ways to implement them.

    I'm not reviewing your other hubs because right now I don't have the time - and remember that if someone visits from a search engine there's a high chance they'll only ever see one hub of yours anyway.

    Maybe you should stick to topics you do know about.