New Art Movement Title

  1. LiamBean profile image87
    LiamBeanposted 7 years ago

    I've written an number of hubs about an art movement that is somewhat surrealism, but with current trends and topics. Only one of my art hubs is about the "older" surreal movement, though I will be writing others.

    My problem is what the subtitles for this new series should be. For quick reference artists in this new category will include Luke Chueh, Anthony Ausgang, and Jeff Soto.

    The entire movement, which includes realistic figuratives as well as cartoon like renderings is called by many names. Pop Surreal, Lowbrow, and Cartoon Tainted Abstract Surrealism, but I don't think any of the labels really suit the above named artists.

    If anyone is interested and would like to review the artists named above and then suggest a name for their particular type of work, I would be most appreciative.