Word Game for Two or More Players

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    DzyMsLizzyposted 7 years ago

    Useful as a parlor game, or a 'something-to-to-while-waiting' game for 2 players, this is one my Mom (R.I.P.) and I often enjoyed.  If the game has a name, I do not know what it is.

    First, you pick a category--it can be anything from flowers to geography.

    Next, pick how specific you want to get--common flower names, or go into the Latin biological names?

    For the geography example, you decide whether you want to limit it to something narrow, such as countries and cities only, or add places of interest such as the Taj Mahal or lakes and rivers.  (For this example, I'll make it fairly all-encompassing--also best if you are playing with kids.)

    Whomever goes first states whatever comes to mind first, let's say they chose "Canada." 

    The next player must come up with another item in the category, but it must begin with the ending letter of the previous player's submission.  So, let's say player 2 says, "Auburn."

    Back to either player 1, or player 3 if more than 2 are playing.  Player 3 says, "Neptune."  And so it goes.  First one to get stumped completely OR repeat something that's already been said is out (if more than 2 players), or loses in a 2-player game.

    Mom and I noticed it is fairly easy to get 'stuck in a loop' of a single letter:  "Alaska; Alabamba; Altoona," and so forth. This will usually draw groans from the next player, but is also rather amusing.