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Pearldiver is reaching out, spreading hope, Must read his HUBofHOPE

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    kimberlyslyricsposted 7 years ago


    Poems of Hope: Life Circles: About Suicide and Being Strong When You Feel That You Can’t Go On.

    If these words can help one life: then two lives have been meaningful.
    Poems of Hope: Life Circles: About Suicide and Being Strong When You Feel That You Can’t Go On; by Pearldiver. Being young and being hurt, or not knowing things that you feel are really important, can sometimes push you off the edge. The edge is a dark place, where you may believe that the answers to your questions lives, or where your emotions have pushed you to, often without you realizing, often before you have had the chance to consider far better options. Sadly, many of our beautiful, very gifted, young people have robbed us through suicide, of the opportunity to see them live to fulfil their potential and their greatness. If you feel like you can't go on and that you know that you are close to that edge, for any reason; TALK TO A FRIEND or RING Life Line and TALK to someone who does genuinely Care. There is No Way Back From Death - But You Also Need to Be Strong to Live and that personal strength in Choosing to Live, is what makes you Great. One Day you might even become a Great Writer with the right words to change someone's life.

    I know personally what loosing a friend to suicide means and I know how much time it took to stop asking Why? This is a poem of hope. It is made up of some of the words that I wish I would have had the opportunity to have written then and the courage to say to one of those very special and gifted friends, lost to this world. If you know your children, their friends and your friends well enough, then perhaps you can inspire the positive mindset that those around you require to work through negative issues that have the potential to lead to an unnecessary and senseless suicide. I hope that you can read the signs and not stand back and be afraid to say and show someone near the edge; the genuine power of love. Perhaps the words within, inspired by the loss of a very special wide eyed life can save the life of another who needs to believe in their personal greatness. From the heart; I hope my words here are never needed. Take Care and Thank you for reading my works.

    Life journeys are not so daunting when you are focused on: Who you are, Where you want to be, How to take the right steps safely, The Best Way to get there, A Plan, that lets you set personal goals that You Can Achieve and More than One Route.
    © Copyright 2010 Pearldiver @ Poems of Hope.com with all rights reserved.

    Wide Eyed, Happy and You.

    Wide eyed child happy

    Never alone

    Nature here is blooming

    Life here is wild and free

    Bare feet squish through warm cow pats

    Or from the wharf, dangle so aimlessly


    Wide eyed boy

    Not knowing alone

    Knew all the stars at night

    The nesting seabirds come and go

    Where gold, sandy grains hide tiny shells

    Treasures found, where only he would know


    I have always missed the love I have

    For people and places left so far behind

    But I can never truly feel alone

    As all my pain left there, will always be

    For I am truly a happy wide eyed boy

    Just can’t help but see, so much life surrounding me


    It’s not true that you should be

    Hurt by those who say it’s all your fault

    It’s not true that strangers do not care

    Don’t be afraid to face things that are not true

    Unhappy wide eyed child you are

    Never alone if you are true, you'll see all the life, surrounding you


    It’s not true that you should be

    Unhappy in a life that you can change

    Look inside and know the love we see

    Be not afraid to take a wide eyed view

    Or take such treasures from within a sad heart

    It really is true: That so many people want to love you


    I have always been different than most others

    Average people struggle to love and learn great things

    Yet great things are merely wide eyed souls, just being

    And if you let average deeds break a wide eyed heart

    Then you must rise above all the pain

    Have the courage to believe, have the courage to start


    So to every wide eyed boy or girl

    I wrote this poem of hope to let you know

    How precious is the life you are yet to find

    No matter what pain or fear that has brought you here

    Please do this for all we wide eyed souls, just like you

    Believe, just believe in the real you that we love; not your fear.


    © Copyright 2010 Pearldiver @ Poems of Hope.com with all rights reserved.

    Explore all the positive things that you find in your life. Each Positive Step that you take leads you to yet another positive experience, if you Identify and walk past the Negative traps along the way. Believe in your greatness.

    I'm saying Pay it Forward

    At the end of any day Pearldiver most likely will never know of someone he has touched, or why, even how.  But Trust this, in truth, he has already given hope to one person, me.  He will touch many.  See as writers, we can bring so much hope, to so many.  It took me 3 minutes today to find 3 sites dedicated to delivering awareness for teens and suicide, the message; Hope.  They take submissions, my 2 charites will, thats 5 plus mom is 6 who volunteers with Victim services.

    In order to protect our chidren they must be given positive validation and continual reminders, reminders formed from examples of Hope.

    HubPages Parents, bring this to your children, give them a choice, a choice of hope when death seems the only exit.

    Give Pearldiver hope his message will be heard

    Lets pass it forward, and donate a comment.  smile

    Please watch this video and take note of some people who cared starting as one, look what they have become!  yikes


    Let's infect our numerous other sites with this message, and keep striving to give our children hope, that they are important and loved, lets give them validation as a person they are important with great purpose.


    http://hubpages.com/hub/Poems-of-Hope-L … Cant-Go-On

    Lets do something impossible!  Truth be known I see nothing as impossible.  I have hope, for many!

    Thank you Pearldiver, it starts with one person. As the video demonstrates!

    And just what if you ignite ib the quest of helping children, HUBSOFHOPE linked back to this hub here.  PD let's do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    kimberlyslyricsposted 7 years ago

    BUMP  lol

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    kimberlyslyricsposted 7 years ago

    OK it's quite important this be read rather than the games, PD is making chan3 I will let this ride until tomorrow giving him the message he deserves and also realize it is 6m, so I shal see you then to see lots of readers.

    Sleep well


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    Pearldiverposted 7 years ago

    WOW Kim..........
    What an Ambush smile
    Thank you....
    OMG... I can't Bark at anyone anymore...sad
    If they read this... They'll Know I'm a Softeee roll

    Cheers for the words of encouragement here Kim... I feel honored to read them smile


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