Please Define: Target Length/Duplicate Content/Spam/video module

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    SuziGravenstukposted 7 years ago

    Please forgive me for asking for clarification. I have read, read some more,and watched HUB videos--because I want to start HUB Pages off on the right foot. Now its all fused together and I am very tired of searching for answers.

    Target Length: from reading at the forums I finally narrowed down the ideal Hub to be 500 to 700 words with multiple paragraphs. Do you agree this is correct?

    Does our online editor have a word count?

    Duplicate Content/Spam: I tend to deep research topics.Because of the time involved, I need to make the most of the topics. If we have written on the topic before, but revise--do you think we will get dinged for dups or spam?

    For instance, Suicide Prevention is a very much a part of me. Generally links and keywords may be the same with some added or some deleted. My thoughtstream will be similar, but revised.

    If a subject is a "specialty or focus" does that mean you should not write on it very often for the above concerns.

    When you are talking duplicate--do you mean only formal cut and paste?

    If one specializes in a couple of areas, the same links will often be cited out of logic.

    Also, is it considered spam if discussing a web site or service, particularly a non-profit?

    Also, regarding the video add ins, do we need to give attributions?

    Please define.

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      Website Examinerposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Yes, that sounds correct. No, the editor has no word count, so you may want to use a word processor, then paste from there.

      Ad verbum copying is what you should worry about. Rewrite should get you beyond the duplicate content filter. You should quote pre-existing material only sparingly.

      Similar links and keywords are not a problem; it can even be an advantage. However, hubs on suicide prevention tend to get ads disabled by the automated filtering system due to Google Adsense policies.

      No. You should learn to work around the copyright and duplicate content issues instead.

      It comes down to percentages, as checked by automated filters. Rewrites should take care of that.

      However, plagiarism can theoretically happen even if you rewrite text. You should only rewrite your own texts so as to avoid risk of running into plagiarism. Remember that any hub can be manually reviewed by a moderator at any time.

      No problem. However, you are allowed only two outbound links to any given domain in each hub. Also, linking repeatedly to the same domain across all or many hubs may be considered overly promotional. As long as you stay within the 2-links rule and the links are relevant to the contents, you should be OK.

      No. The videos are embedded, credits are already part of the videos themselves.

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        SuziGravenstukposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        Wow! YOU are now my official HUB Guru, I hereforth will link to you. I was starting to stress over some of this stuff.