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Hub Score

  1. Security News profile image60
    Security Newsposted 7 years ago

    Im new on Hub, but would like a higher Hub score. Could someone like at my Hups and see if Im doing everything correct? Thanks in advance.

    1. LillyGrillzit profile image77
      LillyGrillzitposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      How funny, I just sent you a message. keep writing your good and original content, make use of the Wonderful Tools given by the HubPages Administrators and teams.

      Make sure you are signed up with AdSense. Leave room for advertisers to have their say.

      Visit Hubbers with Longevity. Get involved in the Forums, Hub Hop, Read and Comment on other Hubbers.

      Do a Search for HubNugget Awards, HubMob, and other Groups. Add photos, Amazon, e-bay, News, Maps - Share with Pizazz.

      Good Luck and the Best to you..

    2. Sullen91 profile image79
      Sullen91posted 7 years agoin reply to this

      The people who run this site don't want to release the formula for the HubScore, so it's a mystery what factors cause the formula to be more positive.

      Anyway, the score doesn't really matter as some have said. Well, I guess it does, if you have a healthy ego and take care in your work.

      If memory serves, comments and positive feedback (useful, beautiful etc.), along with search engine traffic help to increase the score. One thing is for sure though; higher traffic results in a higher HubScore, since the incentive to have a higher HubScore must be linked to the profit-making objective of the site, which counts on advertisement revenue, from hubs that generate click traffic. Without the traffic, they make nothing. To provide positive feedback, they should encourage something that increases their revenues, and higher traffic does that. Hence, higher traffic in general would seem to be at least one major component. I've seen a few low HubScores and the authors post spammish hubs, so it probably takes the quality of your hubs into account to. The quality again, is judged by the user feedback and comments, and other indicative factors probably. I know when you don't post any hubs for a while, your score dips, so maybe inactivity is also a cause for penalization; and the converse, lots of activity in new hubs should correspond to a better score.

      If you were really perturbed about your HubScore and had to know the formula, you might run a couple of dummy experiments and constrain every variable to get you an approximation on the equation. Maybe there's some real "proprietary" information involved with the computations, or maybe they are just a few arbitrary numbers here and some simple variables there, with a randomized factor to confuse people.

      1. Sun Pen 50 profile image78
        Sun Pen 50posted 7 years agoin reply to this

        Explains a lot, thanks!

  2. Petra Vlah profile image61
    Petra Vlahposted 7 years ago

    There is NO logic whatsoever to hub scores, so save yourself some frustrations and never look at the score again; it will fluctuate to the point of getting you dizzy and you will never figure out the WHY and HOW of it all. Just write good hubs for your own satisfaction and for the enjoyment of others and let the crazy algoritm do its funny dance

    1. 2uesday profile image83
      2uesdayposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      This is sound advice - people have left or stopped writing here in the past over fluctuating HubScores and their Hubberscore. As I have never seen an exact formula for how to improve it, I treat the changes as inevitable; Hubscores rise and they drop it is best to just accept it.

  3. hubzer profile image59
    hubzerposted 7 years ago

    AW yes the good old days,i wsa an 83 now a 80. lol cheers hubbzer

  4. 2uesday profile image83
    2uesdayposted 7 years ago

    if you go to the top of this page there is a button that says help - it is a place to read the answers to frequently ask questions (FAQ'S).

    It contains this definition of Hubscore (I hope it is OK to qoute it here):

    "HubScore takes into account many factors and will change over time as data about its performance continues to stream in. It will also fluctuate quite a bit, seemingly at random, and that is nothing to worry about. The most important HubScore components that you should be concerned with include:

    Amount of traffic - including percentage from reputable sources other than HubPages

    The reputation of the Hubber - your Hubber Score and contribution to the community

    The response of readers to your hub - including comments, thumbs up, etc.

    The uniqueness of content - copying content already available on the web will be penalized

    We reserve the right to change the factors used to assess a Hub’s HubScore as we continue to determine those that measure a great Hub. The bottom line is if you write original, useful content, your HubScores will eventually reflect the quality and work you've put into them, but please try to avoid getting too hung up on your Hubs' HubScores."

    I hope this helps , the FAQ - help button at the top and the learning centre at the bottom of the page are useful places to visit. The learning centre seems to be updated from time to time so it remains a useful place to visit now and again.

  5. profile image0
    BenjaminBposted 7 years ago

    Security News,welcome to something that will baffle you to no end and piss you off all at the same time on Hub pages. HUB SCORE! There is no rhyme or reason to it at all,I'll give you my latest perfect example.

    I have a series of trucking Hubs on how to start a trucking company. All very in depth and popular pieces for a small niche,however the first one that has consistently received more daily traffic,is rated page 1 on google search for my keyword,has more comments on it than the other 2 Hubs in the series and garnered me a deal to be a featured blogger for a truck tax niche website when found by their staff to be the best available writing on the subject they have found online from an experienced point of view CONTINUES to drop in score daily as the other 2 Hubs in the series rise in score for no apparent reason.

    So take it with a grain of salt is what I'm getting at because nothing about it makes a bit of sense at all and the harder you try to figure it out thinking you have found the magical approach to get a high score and maintain a high score is when you will go to look at it one day and watch it begin to fall u til it's below 80 and makes you want to break stuff.

    Truthfully I think the whole thing is based on performance of how much money they make off of your hub when it is their time to earn with ads.No matter how good the Hub if they are not getting clicks in this time period they punish you. that's the best conclusion I have been able to surmise!