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Where Do You Build Links?

  1. GreatTattoosNow profile image67
    GreatTattoosNowposted 10 years ago

    Hi All-

    I have been here for a little while now and have noticed the hubpages that I take the time to link back to do the best.  No big surprise there really just basic seo stuff.

    I typically use the following services to promote by new hubpages.
    1.  www.onlywire.com
    2.  Yahoo social bookmarking web2.0 site
    3.  Stumbleupon.com
    4.  Ocassional I will also build a squidoo lens to lin back to my hubpage and vice versa.

    Does any one else out there have any sources to get free links back to their hubpages that they have found works well?  I was having great luck for a while with Netscape.com until they banned hubpages.  Darn it!

    Anyway any suggestions that we could all use for building links back to our hubpages would be great.  Let me know if I missed something.

  2. Stacie Naczelnik profile image72
    Stacie Naczelnikposted 10 years ago

    I've heard about netscape banning hubpages, what's that about?  See, I'm curious, like a cat.

  3. GreatTattoosNow profile image67
    GreatTattoosNowposted 10 years ago

    Well, it seems that right around the time of the infamous Google Slap of Squidoo and possible of Hubpages also netscape decided to ban enteries from both sites.  They feel that the pages are too spammy and not enough worthy content.  The case of a few runing it for everyone I guess!  Sure sucks because a netscape.com link is typically a link from a page rank 7 site and will really help boost a hubpage up in the SERPS.

    Onlywire.com still helps a good deal also if you haven't used it you should try.

    1. thefluffanutta profile image59
      thefluffanuttaposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      I liked Onlywire, until I discovered that most of the networks I joined didn't actually receive the pages I had submitted. Is this just me? Have you checked all your bookmarking profiles for the pages you submitted via OnlyWire?

      I've been using Diigo toolbar instead, which can do simultaneous bookmarking on 10 other networks - and only a couple of them failed for me.