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Who's Using Kontera?

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    Sophia Angeliqueposted 7 years ago


    I didn't activate this because I saw it on another site I posted stories on and it irritated me. I didn't think people would click them.

    However, I'm on two sites which give 100% google adsense payout. They stick with Kontera. I've just done a click examination (Using google analysis). I find it interesting that the Kontera ads have been clicked on, but not the google ads.

    Who uses Kontera, and what are your results?

    thanks. smile

    1. cohenj88 profile image60
      cohenj88posted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Sophia,

      This is Jonathan from Kontera. Because of "Banner Blindness", where some people become so numb to banner ads that they stop noticing them completely, it's a good idea to feature a proven alternative like Kontera on your site.

      That being said, apart from anything involving Kontera, it's pretty unusual to be getting no ad clicks from AdSense, my guess is it's just an aberration from a small traffic sample.

      Concerning our network, Kontera In Text ads are effective for Publishers because of our combination of contextual technology and quality ads. Rather than scan for keywords like so many other networks, our Synapse Platform reads your content for actual meaning. This extra level of understanding of your work, is how we provide the most relevant ads to for your content, leading to higher CTR and better CPC.

      Another advantage of Kontera is our exclusive ad inventory from such brands as Nintendo, Microsoft, Pizza Hut, National Geographic, Blackberry, Ford, AT&T, and many more. These ads are the most attractive to readers, offer the best possible CPC, and can only be found on the Kontera network.

      Please let me know if you have any additional questions about Kontera.


      - Jonathan Cohen
      Kontera Community Manager

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        Sophia Angeliqueposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        Jonathan, I read your previous threads. I have no problem with Adsense on HP.

        It still remains that those sites that are paying 100% google adsense revenue to writers are earning through Kontera Revenue.

        I have some questions for you.

        1) Why is Kontera only paying one penny for each click, and if they pay more than that, when do they pay more, and how can someone like me get to that sort of revenue. I truly am not interested in pennies. It takes too long to be worth anything.

        I've had that story with Associated Content for close on 5 years and I am no longer interested. I can see it working for a website that has millions of clicks, but not for websites where individuals like me don't get that sort of traffic.

        2) How does one sign up for Kontera? Does one just enable Kontera on HP or does one sign up somewhere else? This isn't a buying signal by the way. smile That depends on the answers to the first question. smile

        3) Please could you look at my hubs and see what sort of ads would be posted on them  - high paying or low paying?

        Thank you!

        1. cohenj88 profile image60
          cohenj88posted 7 years agoin reply to this

          Hi Sophia,

          Kontera revenue depends on a variety of different factors, including the location of your readers because the ads are geo-targeted, what topics you're writing about, what advertiser campaigns are running at the moment, and more.

          Looking of your Hubs, it looks like you have quality content which is the biggest factor in being accepted and thriving on the Kontera network.

          (By the way, the women who cowrote Stardust is Jane Goldman. Shes' also cowritten Kickass, and one of the upcoming X-Men movies.)

          In terms of enabling Kontera on HubPages, you need to first apply to become a publisher on the Kontera website, and then implement your Kontera tag on HubPages. Instructions on how to do that can be found here: http://kb.kontera.com/questions/100/How … ubpages%3F

          I'd recommend signing up to become a Kontera Publisher, and then sending me an e-mail at jonathanc@kontera.com so I can get an account manager to look over your account and double check that you're receiving the best possible ads for your content.


          - Jonathan

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            Sophia Angeliqueposted 7 years agoin reply to this

            Thank you, Jonathan. I have activated it and will try it out for a few months.

            Obviously, it's a balance of things. If I find that the money earned outweighs the irritation of having ads pop up in one's face, I'll keep it! smile

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          thisisoliposted 7 years agoin reply to this

          Sophia, be careful on the sites that say they offer 100% adsense revenue.  Many of them actually only give you 100% adsense on ONE adsense ad spot, and the unscrupulous ones make that an ad spot in a low visibility area.

          I tend to avoid article directories which offer this kind of ad sharing.

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            Sophia Angeliqueposted 7 years agoin reply to this

            Well, yes.... smile

  2. SunSeven profile image60
    SunSevenposted 7 years ago

    I stll have Kontera on my hubs. And they always paid me when pay day comes! smile
    Best Regards

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      Sophia Angeliqueposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you, Sun Seven. I did note that some had no issue with it. smile

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    2besureposted 7 years ago

    I don't want anything competing with my Google Ad so I deactivated it.

  4. thisisoli profile image72
    thisisoliposted 7 years ago

    As I have stated in previous threads, after extensive testing I continue to use Kontera.

    Google Earnings do drop a little with Kontera enabled, but not by much. The benefit was that my Kontera earnings more than made up for the drop in Adsense earnings.

    Kontera won't earn much per page view when compared to Google Adsense, but it generally gives me around a 10% monthly bonus to my Adsense earnings.

  5. zoey24 profile image76
    zoey24posted 7 years ago

    I am not sure if i am going to keep Kontera or not. I am earning less from my google adds since signing up to Kontera and am certainly not making the difference back either. I found Kontera to be confusing, for example one day i got 1p for 1 click. Another day i got 0p for 2 clicks. And then i got 4p for 15 clicks in one day. I dont understand how this is worked out?

  6. Michael Durden profile image76
    Michael Durdenposted 7 years ago

    If you activate Kontera does it automatically go on all your hubs, like with Google AdSense? I'm assuming it does, but it would be nice if you could pick and choose, like Amazon Affiliates.

    1. thisisoli profile image72
      thisisoliposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      You can set kontera settings on each individual hub when you are in edit mode, a well as choosing from the global settings.

      1. Michael Durden profile image76
        Michael Durdenposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        Oh, that's good to know. Thanks!

  7. Mikeydoes profile image77
    Mikeydoesposted 7 years ago

    I had it up for quite a while an didn't make over 7 cents in 1 day.   Wasn't working good with my hubs I suppose.

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      Sophia Angeliqueposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I find the same thing. I'vboe had it about three 7weeks and I make about 7 cents per day.

      I think this is one of those products that work fantasticly clients that want cheap advertising but not for those of us who have to host it. Just not worth it!

      I'm going to give it a while loniger. If it doesn't increase, I'm going to remove it.

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    yenajeonposted 7 years ago

    I have also tried it out for such a short amount of time.. that maybe I'll give it a go again...

  9. thisisoli profile image72
    thisisoliposted 7 years ago

    Kontera is not a replacement for adsense, it is an alternative, it is just another way of advertising without crowding out the page with advertisements.

    In text advertising traditionally has a lower ctr and value than adsense ads, but since people usually see in text advertising AFTER they see the Google advertisements, it is usually just a nice way to mop up a few more cents from your traffic.

  10. LennyP profile image84
    LennyPposted 6 years ago

    Kontera ads annoy me when trying to read an article so I don't use them. I'm a believer in the golden rule of do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.