i need kim to delete hindi from here

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    rachnaposted 10 years ago

    This is kim proile that i have copied from the link given below
    it is using my poem as profile introduction
    i need kim to delete hindi from here

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    मेरे शब्दो को कविता बना दिया आप सब की टिप्पणीओ ने ।
    अगर आप सब ना होते तो शब्द  ना बनते ।
    आप सब को मेरा नमन , धन्यवाद् कह कर आप सब को पराया नही करूगी ।

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    rameshposted 10 years ago

    why are u so much worried abt three lines of hindi poem ???
    if u feel its ur own and no one else should use it on thier pages then follow the procedures as issued by the dmca ,hubpages team..But ,
    Don't spoil the forums by continuously posting comments on kim,mav.monk ,any one else who u found guilt of...it really irritates people who comes here first time to see the warmth of hubbers and develop good rel'ns with them..

    So, plz if u have any issues abt any hubber post ur comments on his hub only or send an email to him/her..ok..

    if u continue posting *** like this, even regular hubbers also lose interest in participating forums ...

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      rachnaposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      hello there
      if its irritating to read my comments on the forum then go ahead and ask kim to delete the lines that they are using
      i have mailed them many times but they dont respond
      its equally or moiore irritating for me to read my lines time and again on a profile whose existence is no where no name
      i had asked for the ip address of this profile whcih is easily availabe from hub logs
      give me that we will tackle the problem in india thru cyber police without hub pages coming into it
      but no one from hub pages is willing to cooperate and delte the spaamers profile
      for me whether hubbers loose interest is of no consequense because if you have a site you have responsibilty of holdiong content
      you should go ahead and delete hindi content becuase hub pages clearly say no other language then english
      we have reported the matter to authorities at hub but they feel we should follow your procedures . our simple REQUEST is delete thsi profile content and finish this chapter