How to Create or Join a Meetup Community to Meet Hubbers Near You

  1. Robin profile image
    Robinposted 6 years ago

    We are using the Meetup platform to help Hubbers meet one another.  I've heard of a few issues with the platform and thought I'd give a few tips to starting or joining a new community:

    1.  Go to the Meetup website to either join or start a new community where you live.
    2.  Meetup recognizes communities that you are near and will make suggestions.  You have three choices:  join a suggested community; add another community in your area; or create a new community in a different area.  (Creating a community in a different area may be useful if Meetup incorrectly identifies your home town.) 
    3.  If you don't see your community, you can search for it in the search box in the top right corner.
    4.  Meetup will display your searched community.  If you click on the city link you will be brought to the community page of this city. 
    5.  Click "join this community" and you will be part of your city's community.
    6.  If you live in a large metropolitan area and want to be in a more specific community within your city, you can click "start a new community" in your city, e.g., if you live in San Francisco, but want to start a community in the Mission District of San Francisco.
    7.  Once you've joined a community, you can set a meeting date, or Meetup will email you if anyone else does.
    8.  Let us know how it all goes!  We would love pictures of your Meetups to post on our Facebook Wall!  Have fun!