1. mypleasurefantasy profile image89
    mypleasurefantasyposted 7 years ago

    I probably even linked this wrong...and more than likely had a retard moment in regards to the Elite status.....

    What in the world is it? Are they considered staff? Are they amazing writers (I follow a few and they do write pretty awesome goodies...but does that apply to everyone)? Do they have special rules to follow? What are the requirements?

    What in the world is an Elite Hubber?

  2. To Start Again profile image79
    To Start Againposted 7 years ago

    "The HubPages Elite are Hubbers who go the extra mile and manage special programs we have here on HubPages, including the HubGreeters, HubNuggets Team, and the HubMob. To learn more about the HubPages Elite programs, visit our HubPages Elite page."
    that's what it says in the FAQ

    here's the link http://hubpages.com/elite/